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A full mouth restoration in the U.S. or Canada can cost upwards of $60,000, what are your options?

Dental-ClinicFull mouth restoration represents a huge form of dental treatment for many patients who are seeking a solution for their damaged, worn out or missing teeth many times due to grinding problems. Also known as a full mouth reconstruction, this is a form of treatment in which a number of cosmetic dental procedures are carried out to improve the patient’s dental health and of course, the quality of their smile. For some patients, full mouth restoration is a necessary procedure in such situations as when they are in pain or have extensive loss of teeth. For others though, it is more of a life enhancing treatment. Contrastingly though, even with its great demand this treatment has one major bottleneck; the high cost of treatment. In the U.S. and Canada the average cost of a full mouth restoration is anywhere between $50,000 – $60,000, greatly depending on material and extensiveness of treatment

For the ordinary patient, this figure is hard to come to terms with and places an incredible burden on their financial resources. Unfortunately, almost all health insurance companies in North America do not willingly cover for full mouth restoration. If they do the patient is still required to make some sort of extra payment. Due to this price factor, it can be a frustrating experience and therefore people are seeking alternatives that are affordable for their full mouth restoration treatment. At this point, what are other alternatives does the patient have? A number of other options exist and the most convenient is dental tourism which offers quality yet low cost dental treatment.

What exactly does dental tourism entail and what role does it play in enhancing affordability of a full mouth restoration treatment? Dental tourism is the practice of travelling outside one’s own country to another country in search of treatment. It is saving-money3popular because not only does the patient receive treatment at costs much lower than that at home, but they also get a chance for vacation abroad. Countries like Mexico and Costa Rica are closer to the US and Canada and patients are also free to travel far to places such as Thailand and Hungary. These countries have invested in their dental health facilities to provide services whose level of quality equals and may outmatch that experienced back home. US citizens residing in Texas, Arizona and California can actually fly just over a two hour’s distance into Cancun and save thousands of dollars in dental costs. Alternatively, one can fly into Costa Rica.

What dental tourism simply offers is a platform for patients to access treatment when they need it and according to their financial ability. There are no long waiting lists as compared to the situation in the US and Canada where patients may have to wait for some time before they can receive treatment. It is an option worth considering as it saves on time and money while giving the patient a chance to enjoy a vacation in their destination of choice.

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