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ADA certified dentist in Cancun continues to work with Passport Dental

dental-team-working-on-lady1Our ADA certified dentist in Cancun, Mexico has come to be considered synonymous with low cost, high quality dental treatment. It is no wonder then that it is termed the number one tourist destination in Mexico. It thrives in abundance of health facilities and qualified specialists and in such an environment, Passport Dental sought to provide patients with the best of treatment by working with only the finest dentists and top notch health facilities. It is for this reason that Passport Dental continues to partner with the only ADA certified dentist in Cancun.

This partnership with one of the most competent dentists in Cancun is accompanied by several perks. The most significant of these is the quality yet affordable dental care that is being offered. By making use of the latest innovative technologies and the finest dental materials, we ensure the patient experiences world-class care without costing the patient their entire savings. Secondly, dental tourism offers patients a chance to receive treatment and get to have a vacation at the same time. Passport Dental also makes arrangements for transportation from certain parts of the town to the dental clinic. The location of the clinic is in the heart of the hotel zone which makes it easy to access the beach and numerous restaurants and activities.

Working with this dentist means the patient can expect only the very best in terms of dental care. The clinic where treatments are offered is modern and well equipped. Hi-tech equipment is used including digital x-rays for radiological assessment of the mouth and jaw, intraoral cameras, therapeutic lasers and a dental machine that provides E.max porcelain veneers, crowns and inlays within twenty four hours. Zirconium crowns represent a very popular type of crown which are known for their durability, translucency and appealing appearance which is the most natural looking of the the type of crowns offered.

Another advantage of working with this ADA certified dentist in Cancun is she offers quality than you can trust. Having been acknowledged by the US board of dentists, you can be sure this dentist is rich in Dr.-Irma-Gavaldonexperience and therefore expect nothing less than the best. Moreover, the fact that the dentist is certified means the patient is in safe hands. This is evident by the fact that some American Insurance carriers have partnered with Passport Dental and the clinic because their specialist is an ADA certified dentist. This is a dentist who has ensured that the clinic she runs has made sterilization and infection control their top priority. Dental treatments that are offered range in variety and include dental implants, bridges and crowns, inlays and onlays and dentures. General dental treatments offered include tooth fillings, extractions and teeth whitening. One of the most sought after dental treatments in this clinic is full mouth reconstruction, being offered here at costs that beat the price back home by up to 70 %.

For more information on this clinic or others that Passport Dental works with please call 1-800-721-4445 or fill out the get a free quote form right here on the website.

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