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Dental Vacations – Why 14% of all Tourists to Costa Rica have dental work done

Costa Rica represents a country whose great success can be seen from two perspectives; being considered one of the must-visit tourist destinations and having a well established health system. In fact, the World Health Organization has ranked Costa Rica’s healthcare system above that of the United States which for a long time has been in the lead. Costa Rica has heavily invested in establishing top quality and very affordable healthcare and provided the necessary infrastructure to help the system run efficiently. It is not a surprise then that thousands of tourists flock to Costa Rica every year in search of a much needed vacation and while at it, seek all sorts of dental treatments.

It is quite simple to understand then why a country with such a good profile will have a significant percentage of its tourists going for a dental vacation to get dental work. Most important factor here is that both essential and cosmetic dental work is of the highest quality, which equals that done in the U.S. and even surpass it. Actually, about 85% of the dental clientele in Costa Rica are from North America. For most Americans, the reasoning behind this move is that “If I can get dental work done at better quality than that at home, yet at much lower costs, why not try it out?”

Secondly, it is estimated that one can save from 50%-80% by getting their dental work done in Costa Rica during a dental vacation. The pricing for dental services sharply contrasts with pricing back home in the U.S. because of the affordability of labor, insurance and lab fees. For instance in Costa Rica, crowns and bridges cost about $275 – $475, veneers start at $250 – $450 and dental implant titanium post surgically set are priced from $600 to $900 respectively depending on the type needed. Considering the already expensive cost of dental work back in the U.S. and which continues to escalate with time, it appears more popular choice to seek dental treatment in places like Costa Rica.

The concept of a dental vacation forms the other reason why tourists in Costa Rica seek for dental treatment. The aim of a dental vacation is to provide a platform to enjoy an exciting vacation and at the same time get much needed dental work done. Many North Americans will agree that if they were to go for dental work at home, they would spend a fortune and have nothing left to take a vacation. The alternative is to go for vacation in amazing Costa Rica, enjoy the scenery, the wildlife, the weather and all that Costa Rica has to offer yet be able to pay for dental work needed. Reputable dental clinics such as those in the Passport Dental Network will ensure their patient’s receive prompt treatment to allow them time to enjoy the beautiful Costa Rica echo tourism landscape.

There is an emphasis on prompt dental treatment in Costa Rica. Therefore, procedures that would have taken a very long time in the U.S. will take a considerably shorter time in Costa Rica. Tourists who are out visiting for a week or two will therefore receive full treatment within the vacation time. Not to forget is that Costa Rica is known to have some of the best dental specialists whose training and experience is internationally accredited. So with this assurance, patients are in very good hands.

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