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Costa Rica dental care is often considered the best in the world on a cost-quality basis and one of the favorite destinations for dental treatments for North Americans. It is for that reason that Passport Dental offers several of the very best Costa Rica dental providers with internationally accredited clinics and national and international media exposure for their high quality.

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Why Costa Rica Dental With Passport Dental?

  • Save 50-75% on your dental work in beautiful Costa Rica
  • The best specialists and institutions in the country
  • Award winning company with many positive testimonials from our US and Canadian clients, for your peace of mind
  • Guaranteed no booking fees
  • Full warranty on all work performed

Dental Tourism Costa Rica Pricing

Costa Rica Dental Care – A Short Distance Away

Located between Panama and Nicaragua in Central America, high quality Costa Rica dental clinics can be reached in only 2 1/2 hours from Miami. It is a very safe country having abolished its military almost 40 years ago. Often know as the “Switzerland of Central America,” Costa Rica has invested heavily in education and healthcare. Costa Rica is now one of the most literate countries in the world and has a medical system that is ranked higher than that of The United States by The World Health Organization (WHO), so it’s no wonder Costa Rica dental clinics are filled with Americans and Canadians looking to save money.


Why People Are Flocking To Costa Rica Dental Clinics

While receiving Costa Rica dental care, one should budget a few days to tour outside the capital of San Jose, as that is where you will experience beautiful scenery from high mountains, to waterfalls, to active volcanoes, to long deserted beaches on both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. National parks abound, and the flora and fauna are truly spectacular.
Costa Rica dental care is famous, and it is said that a full 14% of all tourists to Costa Rica have some sort of low cost dental work done. The major Costa Rica dental clinics are located in the capital, San Jose. Costa Rica dental care is on par with, or even better than, care you would receive at home using the same North American approved materials. Due to the huge dental cost savings which can be as much as 75%, many Costa Rica dental clinics have emerged that feature a range of specialists, and they are serving nearly 85% North Americans as their clientele. Due to time constraints for traveling patients, this has naturally made these clinics extremely efficient in completing complex dental treatments in a short amount of time, usually a much shorter time frame than one could expect at at home.

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