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More and more self employed people are turning to dental tourism as an affordable solution to much needed dental work

Stressed-DentalThe reality of the situation in the dental health industry in America is appalling as evidenced by the huge number of Americans who are uninsured for dental treatment. The actual figure stands at more than 85 million people who lack dental coverage and this number is way above that of people who lack medical insurance by almost double. The single factor behind this crisis is the exorbitant cost of dental treatment in North America. Most individuals and families without insurance cannot access essential dental care because it is out of reach financially. However, this does not mean that these people do not suffer from dental problems. On the contrary, they do and almost 75 percent of American adults suffer from different types of gum diseases that they are unaware of it. These are facts put forward by the American Dental Hygienist Association.

A significant number of these uninsured North Americans belong to the self-employed category. What happens is that most of them either bare the brunt of dental disease or suffer for a long time before they stretch their finances in order to get the services of a dentist. As it is, this is not a favorable option and that is why the self employed have had to explore other options available to them in order to access prompt, cheap and quality healthcare. For the majority whose number is progressively on the rise the most preferred alternative is dental tourism. The success stories behind dental tourism have served to reinforce the efficacy of this alternative even more. As a result, over the years dental tourism has grown to be trusted and has increased in popularity not only to Americans but to people across the globe.

Why choose dental tourism? The first reason is that through dental tourism one can access all forms of dental treatment including dental surgery procedures. These include simple procedures like tooth extraction, crowns, bridges and teeth whitening as well as complex procedures like dental implant surgery and full mouth restorations among many other forms of treatment. Secondly, affordability of dental treatment is upheld without compromising on the quality of care. Countries offering dental tourism are well developed in infrastructure to support both the healthcare and the tourism industry. Dental centers and clinics are well equipped with modern facilities and are run by qualified dentists some of whom have been trained and certified in the U.S. The latest innovative technology is used to deliver treatment and the materials such as dental implants include those manufactured and imported from the U.S. The patient should therefore have no inhibitions about the standard of care in dental tourism as it matches that at home and is even better in most instances.

As many self-employed people would reiterate, dental tourism has allowed them to save up to 80% in dental treatment costs. Not to be ignored is the advantage the patient gains of experiencing a memorable vacation as they undergo treatment in their destination of choice.

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